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Hair Care Instructions

Shampoo & Conditioning Instructions for Wig 

  • Prior to washing the wig, gently comb the hair with a wide tooth comb to ensure the strands are as free-flowing as possible. This allows you to get a proper wash without tangling the hair.

  • Use a sulfate free shampoo to wash the hair and follow up with a deep conditioner to detangle and condition the hair. Please use a generous amount of conditioner and distribute it through hair in a downward motion using fingers.

  • Allow deep conditioner to sit in hair for 10-15mins, then gently comb with a wide tooth comb.

  • Rinsing - Run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help the process of removing the conditioner. Hair should be slipping through your fingers. if you still have tangles, repeat the conditioner step in the tangled area.

  • Let the wig air dry. Style and wear as desired. 

  • To receive the best results please wash 1-2 times a month for body wave and straight hair and 3-5 times a month for deep wave, kinky curly, and loose wave hair. 

  • To maintain wavy and curly hair, mix leave in conditioner and water in a spray bottle and deposit on the hair daily.


Bleaching and Dyeing

  • You can bleach and dye your virgin hair weave into practically any color.  However, we advise our clients to either come to us or go to a professional stylist in order to bleach or dye the hair properly. While bleaching professionally is important for all styles, the curlier the weave the more important it is to follow this advice. This is because curlier hair has been texturized and bleaching puts the hair through another round of processing, which may cause harm if done incorrectly.


General Care Tips

  • Deep Wave hair will tangle, as it is tightly coiled hair. However, tangles should fall out with water and conditioner.

  • Treat hair as you would your own hair. taking great care of your hair will ensure the duration.

  • Do not use heat, you will loosen the curl or destroy it altogether.

  • Do not sleep in wet hair.

  • After swimming, clarify hair with clarifying shampoo and condition immediately.